About Us

Phenomenal Design. What is design if not art?
We incorporate contemporary designs with classic accents into
our products to give you something truly inspirational

Reliability. We endeavour to provide swift and effortless service
to all our customers. We employ skilled artisans and knowledge
that has been handed down to us through our heritage and
ancestors to give you a product with exceptional craftsmanship
and timely executions.

Deliverance. We are committed to our goals of helping people 
experience a contemporary lifestyle that makes a difference, not only
in their lives but in generations to come. A sustainable, greener more
friendly environment for our communities.

Quality over quantity. As simple as that.
Every wood cut and every fabric chosen
is inspected to ensure that our products
are true to the core. All our fittings, hinges 
and other mechanical equipment is inspected 
and passes through various test, hinges 
for example undergo 100,000 open and
close cycles to ensure their longevity and quality.

We believe in change. Our products reflect 
that in their designs and the materials used
to develop them.

Make it sustainable. Because we care. 
All products are crafted from sustainable
materials. We are constantly working on
making our products as eco friendly and 
sustainable as possible.


SEZRA Home is a brand name under 3S Design Interiors pvt ltd. which has been rendering its manufacturing services to prestigious retails brands like Thomas Pink, Brooks Brothers , Nike, Benetton and many more for 25+ Years. SEZRA Home was launched to help people create homes that express their style. When three siblings Sargun Marwah, Simrat Marwah, Seja Marwah wanted to change the way people perceived their homes. 'We believe our surroundings are an important part of who we are and who we can be. We want people to discover the possibilities that exist, regardless of whether their space is big or small. We are committed in offering you choices and inspirations to make your home a sanctuary. Change is essential and creativity doesn’t have a stopper. Bring in the colours and open up the spaces. It’s time to tell your story. 


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